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Laurel Caverns
July 11, 2012, 5:48 AM
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We celebrated my birthday (and escaped the 98-degree day) by exploring Laurel Caverns, Pennsylvania’s largest and only low-calcium limestone cave. Unlike caves with high-calcium limestone, Laurel Caverns has long, steep passageways leading into rooms with sandy floors and cathedral-like ceilings. Every Pittsburgh kid spent summer car rides to the Laurel Mountains, and this was one stop in the journey; judging by the groovy red lights (and the amazing vintage postcard book I purchased in the gift shop), not much has changed since my parents took me there in the ’70s. There is graffiti on the walls from the 1890s, I imagine, from picnickers taking a break in their travels, eating sandwiches by candlelight. And the rooms felt cozy with the soft dirt padding our footsteps and the warmly lit rocks, but it’s a cool 49.2 degrees all year round.






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Makes me believe there just might be a Fraggle Rock.

Comment by motherblue212

there has to be some fraggles in there – sadly, no bears!

Comment by Lisa

This looks so interesting! Can you actually stand up in the cave? It does sound like a great place to escape the heat and the photos are cool. Happy belated birthday!

Comment by farmhouse stories

You can stand in the cave – it has tall, tall ceilings (and some narrow crawl spaces in some too, although we didn’t get that far there!). Love this place.

Comment by Lisa

Great photos and fascinating place. Hope to visit it sometime maybe on the way to Falling Water. Thanks, M

Comment by Michael Williamson

thanks, michael! there is a lot ot see in the laurel highlands – fallingwater is worth a trip, as well as a Wright’s cozier vacation home, Kentuck Knob (pretty!).

Comment by Lisa

I love the lights! Whitelights is good.

Comment by Allegheny Eats

thanks! ‘white lights’ was shot on shutter priority – all the ones that actually turned out. pretty good without a tripod.

Comment by Lisa

we can go back and play mini-golf and do some spelunking.

Comment by jeff

Mini-golf, yay!

Comment by Allegheny Eats

and 49 degrees will feel balmy in the winter.

Comment by Lisa

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