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I Was a Child Actor: Kirsten Ervin
July 6, 2012, 7:44 AM
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This month’s Unblurred features I Was a Child Actor – striking acrylic on wood self-portraits by Kirsten Ervin.

Artist statement:

“I was immersed in theater programs as a kid. When I was 12 years old, a talent agent from New York City “discovered” me after seeing me in a play and signed me. This artwork is based on head shots my mother took of me. Though I went on auditions, I never got any work. I was probably the least commercial looking kind around. I looked like a miniature Janis Joplin and my nickname in Junior High School was Wednesday. These photos are my mother’s attempts at making me look more normal. Note the enormous adult-sized glasses. I think my mom was way more into the agent thing than me.”



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these are so weird and great!

Comment by naimavanswol

thanks! i’ll be sure to pass along to the artist too – they are some of my favorites from this year’s window series that we curate each month.

Comment by Lisa

ya, thanks. were is this exactly. is it in Pittsburgh? i started to follow the link and then i got distracted. ADD what can i say…?

Comment by naimavanswol

ha ha! i know, the Unblurred events page can be a little unclear sometimes :). The paintings are hanging at Studio 5013, part of a window installation series I curate with my husband for First Fridays on Penn Avenue in Garfield/Friendship.

Comment by Lisa

These are awesome. I love how the portraits are framed in a circle.

Comment by Allegheny Eats

come out and see them in person – they are round wooden portraits (‘framed’ for internet).

Comment by Lisa

these are great – i love the one with the glasses.

Comment by Jeff

i love them all!

Comment by Lisa

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