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Road Trip Diary
July 3, 2012, 6:06 AM
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wytheville, virginia

The challenge of taking self-portraits is coming up with something different each time and lately, I don’t feel very creative; I find that I end up taking a lot of similar shots. But being on the road provides a change of setting, which also means opportunities to create new stories and find ones along the way. When I started taking photos, self-portraiture was a  convenient way to integrate human with landscape – certain places sparked my interest in our road trips, and nobody but Jeff and I were there to fill the empty spaces. I see a bright blue abandoned house on a gray day, and imagine how the scene would look with a woman in a red dress standing next to it. The motel off the highway becomes a makeshift studio; I use a table for a tripod, the 10-second timer. I have a whole list of places I have yet to go: the Badlands, an open field, a slew of nameless towns in the middle of nowhere.

fayetteville, west virginia

fayetteville, west virginia

wytheville, virginia

weeki wachee, florida

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That first one is chilling.

Comment by motherblue212

ooh, thanks, kimmy – a compliment indeed!

Comment by Lisa

Yes, the photos have a ghostlike patina (white/yellow), to them thereby synching perfectly with the poetic text–again great writing–“…slew of nameless towns in the middle of nowhere.” Thanks again Lisa, M

Comment by Michael Williamson

ooh, thanks, michael – i’m glad you liked the writing too, that means a lot.

Comment by Lisa

nice images. how did you take the one of you sitting in the diner? via a polaroid timer?

interesting as i’m investing in one of these self timers before i can do some self-portraits. all my instant photos are here.

Comment by zoo-octan

hello, thanks for stopping by –
the double exposures and the one in the cafe were taken with a self-timer. the spectra has a 12-second one that i use often and love because of that reason. i’m also thinking about getting a self timer for my slr680 so i can do selfies with that camera too.

Comment by Lisa

Agreeing with everyone else about the double exposures, the effect is wonderfully eerie!

Comment by farmhouse stories

thanks, cait! they’re the first ones i’ve tried with the spectra, so i’m still in the experimental stages of double exposures.

Comment by Lisa

I agree with Jeff. Those double exposures are awesome. I love the Wytheville, Virginia pictures.

Comment by Allegheny Eats


Comment by Lisa

the double exposures turned out crazy. they feel like a weird dream!

Comment by jeff

i will keep practicing on these – i was so excited when they actually produced an image -

Comment by Lisa

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