The Long Way Home

Wakefield and Ward Streets
May 30, 2012, 6:09 AM
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When I lived in the South Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh in the early ’90s, I rarely ventured outside my tiny world on Semple Street. I dreamed a lot about leaving the city when I graduated. But lack of funds, and fear of the unknown, kept me here; I explored my hometown, searching for a place to call home. I know Pittsburgh well  – its shortcuts and cul-de-sacs – streets so familiar I don’t even remember some of the names, like feeling your way through a dark room in a house you’ve lived in your entire life. So I was excited to find this part of South Oakland on the Ley Line walk, a piece of the city that looks as if you have arrived in the country.





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Hi, I liked the washed out polaroid colours–summer is often like that. You countered those images so well with your text and the familiar dark house: just great. Are you reading those letters on Semple Street? Oh, and I liked the old telephone and Mary of course.

Comment by Michael Williamson

thanks for your comments, they’re so sweet!
i was reading the letters on wakefield street, much more interesting than semple (that building was kind of a dump back in the early 90s!). the letters are from my mother’s papers. they still smell a little like her amber perfume.

Comment by Lisa

Yes, I love the perspective as well. Who knew that Oakland has yinzburgh farm country nestled in its nooks.

Comment by Allegheny Eats

it makes me wonder why we weren’t more adventurous explorers when we lived in oakland (squandered youth!).

Comment by Lisa

i like how you can’t tell that these were taken in oakland. love the polaroids!

Comment by jeff

the polaroids turned out kind of painterly, which i like -i think the bright day really washed out some of the colors.

Comment by Lisa

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