The Long Way Home

March 8, 2012, 6:59 AM
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My mother’s photos are mysteries. No captions scribbled on the backs of them, telling us date and place, so this leaves me wondering why this place or person, that moment. Many of the photos I’ve scanned and posted from her albums over the past year are photos I’ve seen for the first time because she had them hidden away from all of us. I’m most touched and surprised by her creative eye. I thought some of the ones I found last night eerily mirrored ones I may have taken on road trips with Jeff.







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Yes, she had a very good eye for composition and the unusual. I’d love to see a post with your photos and your Mum’s side by side, Lisa! Thanks for your email. I don’t think I’ve told you of my secondary blog. In actual fact, I think sending you the scan gave me the idea to start posting things from my family and my other collections!

Comment by Photobooth Journal

That’s a great idea for a post – I’ll hve to go through some others she has taken and see if anything else is similar (I should have done that for this one!).

I am so excited too, to view your other blog! I already took a peek and some of those photos from your collection are gorgeous.

Comment by Lisa

Thanks, Lisa.

Comment by Photobooth Journal

Open Road is my favorite.

Comment by Allegheny Eats

that photos is what started me thinking about this post. it’s a good one!

Comment by Lisa

I love the first photo.

Comment by Jeff

me too – that might be my favorite one.

Comment by Lisa

You both do have similar photographic eyes. Did she document her travels in journals?

Comment by motherblue212

    She kept journals – many years worth of journals – but none about her travels. She didn’t travel much after she got married to my father, so these photos for me are like her diary. I didn’t know she had such a curious eye – I wish I had seen this while she was still alive so I could ask her about them.
Comment by Lisa

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